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2021+ Ford Bronco Garment Hooks Set

2021+ Ford Bronco Garment Hooks Set

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This set of garment hooks (2) is exclusively designed for the 2021+ full-size two-door and four-door Ford Bronco! They also fit the Bronco Raptor! These garment hooks are made with a High-Modulus Carbon Fiber filament that not only looks great but is also as rugged as the vehicle they are bolted to! Since the Ford Bronco does not come equipped with a garment hook typically found in most vehicles, these custom-made hooks bolt directly to the roll bar above the window on each side of the backseat in a Bronco and provide an easy way to hang your shirts, dry-cleaned clothes, jackets, etc.

*Lifetime warranty* - see warranty page on site for details.

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Each order includes two hooks, one for each side of the vehicle. Just remove the factory bolt holding on the roll bar trim, install the garment hook and screw the bolt back in. Repeat the process on the other side and you're done!

Need to hang more than about 5-6 shirts per hook? Use an extendable clothes bar or rod from hook to hook! Extendable clothes rods with metal swivel hangers and twist-lock bars provide the best fit.

Links to the exact clothes bar shown in our photos:


These hooks are designed ONLY to fit the FULL-SIZE Bronco and Bronco Raptor and do NOT fit the Bronco Sport.

All parts are custom designed and manufactured in the USA by Sinister CNC.


Garment Hook Install

Use either an 8mm or 5/16” driver or socket to remove the bolt that is centered above the backseat window that fastens the plastic trim to the roll bar. Reuse the factory bolt to mount the garment hook. Make sure the flat part of the hook is facing up and that the hook is level with the vehicle before tightening. Do NOT over tighten the bolt as it just needs enough torque so that the hook feels solid and doesn’t wiggle. Repeat this process for the other side and you’re done!