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Ford Bronco Hold Fast Dash Caddy - FULL DASH

Ford Bronco Hold Fast Dash Caddy - FULL DASH

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The Hold Fast Dash Caddy is exclusively designed for the 2021+ full-size Ford Bronco and Bronco Raptor! Are you tired of your sunglasses, keys, pens, etc shooting across your dash when you make a turn in your Bronco? Well, so were we! The Ford Bronco dash has indentions that look like they would hold your things, but one quickly finds out that is not the case. So we designed a custom set of dash caddies to solve this problem so Bronco owners can securely place things on the dash without the worry of them sliding all around.

Our Bronco Dash Caddy is custom-made from a rubber-like material that helps grip the dash and anything you choose to place in them. The Matte finish of these caddies gives them an OEM look and helps reduce glare.

Each order includes a set of BOTH the driver and passenger side Hold Fast Dash Caddies. 

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NO drilling, cutting, or sticking is required to install this kit. These mats fit the factory indentions on the dash and allow for quick and easy removal at any time. Double-sided adhesive tape can be used to secure them to the dash, but we have found that has not been needed for our intended use. Our products are made with the highest grade materials. We have tried hard to make these dash caddies as fitted, functional, and durable as possible. They not only perform well but also looks great with the Bronco interior!

All parts are custom designed and manufactured in the USA by Sinister CNC.