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Bronco Raptor - Brake Light Bumper Kit

Bronco Raptor - Brake Light Bumper Kit

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Calling all Bronco Raptor owners with aftermarket wheels and a floppy, rattling brake light! Anyone who has swapped out their OEM wheels with aftermarket wheels will probably have a different offset from the standard +34mm offset wheel that comes standard with the Bronco Raptor. Custom wheels look great on the Bronco, but they can cause an issue with the rear brake light mounting and how the tire is supported against the tail gate. That’s where our custom Bronco Raptor offset kit saves the day!

*ATTENTION* - Please check the sizing options before purchasing! Not sure what size you need OR offset/tire size not listed? Select the "Other" option for purchase and shoot us a message with your measurements and we will make one to fit your specific setup.

**Standard Bronco owners- please contact us for custom spare tire tailgate bumpers**

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Did you modify your Bronco Raptor and now have a brake light that rattles? We've got you covered.

Ford designed the rear brake light to fit snugly against the factory spare wheel and tire size. There are also factory rubber bumpers that support the bottom of the spare tire against the tail gate. Our offset kit replaces the factory brake light bumpers with extended bumpers to fit your custom offset wheels and also includes new rubber bumpers to help securely support the spare tire against the tail gate. No more annoying rattling!

Note - your wheel "offset" should be listed on the receipt/invoice from your wheel purchase. Not a paperwork person? No worries - check the instructions below or message us and we will show you how to measure it!


To measure your offset for the bumper kit, you'll need to measure the distance between the spare tire and your factory brake light bumper. Take a picture for us to reference. Shoot us a message with a picture of your measurements.


After removing the spare tire you will have access to the T20 Torx screw located inside the OEM brake light bumpers mounted to the brake light. Remove this OEM screw and reuse it to install the new longer brake light bumpers. The brake light bumpers are keyed on the bottom so that the left and right bumpers will line up vertically on its respective side of the vehicle. Since the new bumpers are much longer you will need a T20 Torx bit screwdriver to reach the bottom and mount the new bumper.

For the *full* kit, the rubber tailgate bumpers simply pressure fit inside of the OEM rubber tire bumpers and remain captured in place once the spare tire is remounted.