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The Bronco Box - Dash-Mounted Utility Case

The Bronco Box - Dash-Mounted Utility Case

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Need a secure place to put your extra stuff? Introducing the Bronco Box, a dash-mounted personal utility case for your everyday adventures. Our multifunctional storage box kit provides a simple solution to keeping your stuff secure and in its place. We’ve also conveniently designed our kit to include a 20mm ball mount on the driver's side to accommodate an accessory arm and phone mount. 

Custom designed to simply mount to the dash of any 2021+ full-size Bronco or Bronco Raptor using the factory dash mount location, the Bronco Box is dust-proof and ride ready!

With an interior dimension of  6 x 3 x 1.7in, our storage case maximizes the space on your dash while still keeping a low profile. Store your sunglasses, wallet, keys, AirPods, and everyday gear with ease.

Closure Clips: Red not your color? We’ve included an additional set of closure clips in matte grey to be swapped out if desired. Custom clip colors are available upon request.

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A true Bronco buddy, our utility box kit is the simple solution to keeping your daily items securely contained.

Interior of box dimension: 6 x 3 x 1.7in

Easy to install: NO drilling or cutting is required to install. Our utility case kit uses the factory Bronco dash mount accessory location and allows for quick and easy removal at any time. 

Ball mount: 20mm ball for use with commonly found accessory arms (67 Designs or Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions). Accessory arm shown in photos is a 67 Designs Clamp2Clamp Medium arm (7.8" long) with a 17mm to 20mm connector and a Belkin MagSafe car phone magnetic charging vent mount.

Included is a rubber ring for the accessory arm to ensure a solid fit and eliminate any sort of accessory arm vibration. 

Closure Clips: Red not your color? We’ve included an additional set of closure clips in matte grey to be swapped out if desired.

Material: Made with carbon fiber polycarbonate, our Bronco Box kit not only performs well but looks great with the Bronco interior.


Tools needed - IP30 or T30 Torx Driver

The Bronco Box comes assembled so it just needs to be mounted using the supplied ¾” flat head screw. Start by putting the mounting screw into the box so that you can line up the screw with the threaded accessory port on the dash easily. Use your fingers to start the thread and seat the screw as far as possible by hand. It should thread very smoothly the full length of the bolt. If not, back out and realign as to not cross thread the screw. Finish securing the box to the dash with a IP30 or T30 Torx driver (this can be found in most OEM Bronco tool kits). DO NOT over tighten. Simply torque it just enough for a secure and solid mount to the dash. 

We have included a rubber accessory arm support ring if you choose to run an accessory arm from the 20mm ball mount. This rubber ring helps the accessory arm rest securely against the dash to help reduce any vibration that may occur. We find that a 7-8” long accessory arm works well depending on the accessory you choose to use. 

Our 20mm accessory ball can be removed and will accept any ¼-20 threaded mount you wish to use. 

We have also included an additional set of closure clips in matte gray in case red is not your color. These can easily be swapped out with a 2.5mm hex driver. Any of the M3 screws on the box can be adjusted to your desire using this same 2.5mm hex driver.